Building facades are one of the largest, most important elements in the overall aesthetic and technical performance of any given building.
At Enerbuild-Swiss we have the expertise in sophisticated, high-performance solutions such as insulated rear-ventilated facades, for both civil and residential projects and we specialise in the entire building envelope of general industrial buildings and large-scale logistic centres, where maintaining tight cost management and keeping to client timetables are crucial.
Our team of experts will help you find the best solution, that is the most functional whilst most cost-effective to meet your needs, by taking care of the design, certification, fabrication and the professional installation of the building façades to enhance the performance and aesthetic of your buildings.
For many years, we have managed important large-scale projects for world leaders in e-commerce, as well as completing all sizes of industrial building envelopes, which we delivered on time and in budget. Please contact us for our advice for the best overall technical solution with architectural aesthetic that meets your needs.