Roofing completes the entire building envelop in the case of residential and civil buildings but for industrial applications, it can have additional importance as a technical surface with many demands.

The roofs of modern industrial buildings not only have to provide technological solutions, they have to be impermeable, very energy efficiency with considerable loadbearing capacity.  They also have to cater for maintenance technicians and installers by ensuring the design takes into account all the technical and physical safety aspects.

Our team has gained many years of experience delivering solutions that even the very the demanding requirements of the world leader in the e-commerce sector. We have provided them with complete industrial building envelope solutions, to meet both budgetary and time constraint requirements.

Contact our experts to advise you on the best solution for your project, whether it’s a refurbishment project where you need to add-value through the design and energy-efficiency or the replacement of the existing roofing to replace asbestos or a completely new project, do please contact us!