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At ENERBUILD we are constantly moving forward to meet head-on the dynamic modern requirements by being completely flexible whilst meeting the increasingly high demands of our clients.

Our professional team of experts provides our clients with full project design services in addition to installation. These include, Building Information Modelling (BIM), optimisation planning, value engineering, efficient and cost-effective installation solutions for building envelopes.

Our core expertise lies in designing and installing large-scale logistics with facades and roofing solutions of high energy-efficiency. We fabricate and design thermally insulated panels that are quick and efficient to install with durability based on aesthetically designs.

The dedicated and professional ENERBUILD team has already designed and installed over 500,000 m² of building envelopes in the past two years, fully supported by our in-house design experts and architects.

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Our Services

Project Design Services


ENERBUILD is a market-leading company providing complete design, development and installation solutions for energy-efficient building envelopes with high level architectural and engineering.




Value Eng.


Building Information Modelling

BIM is an intelligent 3D model-based design process that provides

architects, engineers, and construction professionals the tools to more efficiently plan, design, construct and manage buildings.
Our qualified BIM department can prepare digital representations of the physical and functional characteristics of buildings at all levels of development (LOD).

Complete Design Services

Our dedicated in-house team of experts have considerable experience in terms of designing solutions for complex logistics buildings, residential and industrial turning creative ideas into reality.

Optimisation Planning

We have gained considerable experience in the design, planning and construction of very large scale logistics centers for the world’s leading eCommerce company.

Our team can provide the most up to date solutions in the design, fabrication and installation of energy-efficient facades and roofing, adding value to your building.

Value Engineering

We deliver the most up to date, cost-effective and high- performance building envelopes that are not just designed to look good but will stand the test of time providing both a high technical performance over time as well as being energy-efficient.

Full Installation Services

In addition to all of the above services we provide, our dedicated professional team of installers have installed well over 500.000 m²   of building envelopes in logistics, industrial and residential projects

Building your future together with our qualified team

ENERBUILD continues to invest in resources and people.

Our team includes BIM Engineers,
Architects, Quantity Surveyors and professionals in all the aspects of building design, value engineering and final installation.

We are constantly expanding our team so please check here for the current job opportunities.

Logistic & Industrial building Envelopes

We design, plan and deliver the best solutions available.


ENERBUILD’s team of experts are able to develop attractive design concepts, for large scale logistics centers, industrial, civil as well as residential development projects.

Building Roofs

Roofs are arguably the most important element of modern industrial buildings. They need to be impermeable, energy-efficient, and have considerable load-bearing capacity.

Roofing completes the entire building envelope and has additional importance as a technical surface with many demands.

Our team has gained considerable experience in designing and installing optimal roofing solutions with high energy-efficiency and durability.

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Building Facades

Building facades are the largest and important element in the overall aesthetic and technical performance of any given building.

At ENERBUILD we have the expertise in sophisticated, high-performance facade solutions such as insulated, rear-ventilated facades for logistics structures, residential and industrial.

We are leading experts in the design and installation of large- scale industrial and logistics centers, where demanding technical requirements, tight cost management and timetables are crucial.

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We specialize in the design, engineering and installation of all kinds of industrial roofing whether metal, synthetic or prefabricated for onsite installation.
In general, industrial roofs need to house large scale industrial plants so the impermeability of the roof is essential to ensure long life and increase the energy-efficiency.

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Logistics Centers

Performance, durability, architectural impact, the environment, time and cost compliance are all the elements required for large scale building projects.
Our team offers full design services, BIM, and installation.
We are able to meet your stringent project requirements, using our rapid system for installation that optimises rapid installation time and the technical performance.
We have provided these solutions to the world’s leading eCommerce company and other major global clients with over 500.000 m² of building envelopes already installed.

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Residential and civil building envelopes

We design, plan and deliver the best residential solutions available.


We have developed systems and solutions for high-performance building envelopes, bringing together customized architectural solutions that are well-designed, fast to install, energy-efficient, in the Residential, Industrial and Logistics sectors.

Residential Facades

Building facades are one of the single most important elements in the overall technical and architectural performance of a residential building.
We have completed a large number of very aesthetically impressive projects in Switzerland meeting the very demanding technical and design requirements for residential construction projects.

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